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Sinopsis de UNTIL DAWN

Getting down to business… Kiss the next man who falls into your lap. When Mia Diaz agrees to the dare, she doesnt expect it to happen so literally. But suddenly, there he is-stubble-dusted jaw, sexy half-smile, and lips that make her appreciate the benefits of acting on impulse. Her long-buried libido certainly thinks its the right move…as long as what comes next is strictly a one-night affair. Mia has dedicated the last few years to building her jewelry store. Shes not about to put her heart in a strangers hands, no matter how skillful they might be… Ethan has made his fortune by seizing opportunities. So when he finds himself tangled up in long legs, red hair, and satin bed sheets, he doesnt complain-until he finds out the redhead in question is Mia Diaz. The same Mia whos been dodging his emails and calls for weeks, ignoring all his offers to buy her out. Ethan is a master of the takeover. Mia refuses to give in. And what started out as a simple dare has become the ultimate challenge, where the only way to win may be to surrender… _,
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