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Gunfighter Josiah Wyland is tired of meeting his reputation in every town, of seeing his daddy&rsquo,s blue eyes glaring back at him from the mirror, of knowing he&rsquo,ll never be loved. Seven years ago, he was just a boy, smitten with a girl, wishing for a life like everyone else&rsquo,s. That was before he shot and killed a man, before he rode with a gang of Arizona Territory&rsquo,s most indiscriminate villains, and before he ended up in Yuma Prison. Now Josiah is a bounty hunter, trying to avoid his father&rsquo,s fate, still looking for a way to prove himself a better man. He gets his chance when Sheriff Rook Kelly sends Josiah to rescue his wayward bride. After her parents&rsquo, deaths, sheltered Aimee traded freedom for protection. Desperate to escape the husband she&rsquo,s come to fear, she discovers her best and only hope is a scarred stranger with a black past, deadly aim, and merciless blue eyes. On the run from bandits, the sheriff&rsquo,s posse, and a vengeful ex-lawman, Josiah and Aimee forge a connection, on a dark night in the desert wilderness, that is jeopardized when they return to civilization&mdash,where Josiah&rsquo,s reputation threatens Aimee&rsquo,s, where decent folk will never allow an unscrupulous no count to be worthy of a good woman&rsquo,s love. Unscrupulous is a last-chance coming-of-age story and a romance as raw and gritty as the Old West._,
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