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The Golden Retriever, with its glamourous good looks and kindly disposition, is now firmly established as one of the world’s most popular companion dogs. The Golden was developed in the nineteenth century by Lord Tweedsmouth at his country seat in Guisachan, Scotland, and soon this intelligent, biddable worker was sought after both in Britain and overseas.
Today the Golden Retriever is still highly prized as a versatile gundog, retrieving game over land and water, and it has also excelled in other spheres of activity. It is widely used as a guide dog for the blind, and this cheerful, extrovert breed is ideally suited to working as an assistance dog for the disabled and as a hearing dog for the deaf. Quick to learn and eager to please, the Golden Retriever has also made its mark in the competitive sports of Field Trails, Working Trails, Agility, and Obedience. The Golden’s handsome looks ensures its success in the show ring, but perhaps most important, the Golden Retriever is the perfect companion dog.

In The Ultimate Golden Retriever, 2nd Edition, Editor Valerie Foss has recruited a start-studded cast of specialists to write the definitive book on the breed. Experts from all over the world have pooled resources to give the most comprehensive coverage of the Golden Retriever today.

Starting with in-depth research into the origins and development of the breed, the experts go on to analyze the Breed Standard in detail. A unique feature of The Ultimate Golden Retriever is «The Judge’s View,» in which an American, British, and German judge make a pictorial critique of six different Golden Retrievers.

The Ultimate Golden Retriever, lavishly illustrated with more than 200 colorphotographs, is a must-have reference for the true Golden enthusiast.

Origins and HistoryPuppy CareTrainingFeeding and NutritionBreed StandardsThe Complete GundogBreedingShowingThe Golden Retriever WorldwideAnd much more

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