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After the death of his wife there was little purpose in Geoffrey&nbsp,Lincoln&rsquo,s life except to hunt the foxes which destroyed his lambs. However the thugs who came by night to move him off his land for the mineral wealth underneath picked the wrong environment.Jennine just wanted to escape from the nightmare that was her lifebut she found an ally in a lonely farmhouse under siege.All they found of the Minister for Mines after the explosion was his watch. Chantel the New Minister for Mines had become aware of vast mineral wealth under Geoff’,s farm but had not been deliberately very discrete with this information.Julius, forever the opportunist, had discrete information and he was going to make the most of itSonny, the Biker Leader had been looking for a new source of income before he decided to mess seriously in the drug tradeGenevieve had to control the flush in her face as the taciturn farmer came into her cafe regularly for one cup of coffee then left.A multi-faceted novel of political manoevering, deadly violence and revenge and romance from Geoffrey Ashton_,
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