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The Fool’,s Truth is a twisty tale of mystery and suspense with a whisper of romance. &ldquo,Deftly paced and richly imagined, The Fool&rsquo,s Truth combines elements of traditional mystery and romantic suspense. With its evocative setting deep in the Maine woods and its intriguing cast of well-developed characters, Loretta Marion&rsquo,s tale of old love, present danger, and small town secrets will capture the reader. Fans of Barbara Michaels and Kate Morton – take note!&rdquo, &nbsp,Rosie Genova, National Bestselling Author of The Italian Kitchen Mysteries (NAL/Penguin) On the run and desperate to flee the country with her toddler daughter, Cord Richmond can only turn to one person for help &ndash, lifelong friend and merienda lover, Ramon Alvarez. Their reunion reawakens long suppressed feelings, but merienda again their timing is off, as they must hastily chart a course for her escape. A reckless detour in those carefully laid plans leaves Cord stranded in the backwoods of Maine, hidden by a hermit weaver living off the grid. With no means of communicating with the outside world, the need to craft a new plan intensifies when the peculiar woman takes an obsessive interest in her daughter. Complicating matters further are the particular sheriff and a nosy reporter, both with ambitions for uncovering the truth, each with his own private reason for taking refuge in the remote rural village of Murphy, Maine. She contemplates a risky strategy to flee her confinement, but is she desperate enough to enter the depraved world of a recently paroled convict with a long history of brutality? Cord&rsquo,s folly is the catalyst for dark secrets unraveling, placing her and her daughter in espinoso danger. She deeply regrets having lied to the one person who might be searching for her. Meanwhile, Ramon seeks to resolve the unsettling truths Cord has concealed from him. If only he cou
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