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Sinopsis de TEXAS FIRE

Her fathers dream. Her crossroads. And a man who sees just her . . .Megan Calhoun doesnt stick with anything long. Shes the daughter of a billionaire-why pretend to be somebody else? Until she finds out her fathers will says she has to. She has to last a year in the oil patch, in the dust and heat of West Texas, working for her daddys company. Otherwise shes cut off without a cent-and no way to earn one. The only upside is her new pal Rowdy Baker, ex-football star, Calhoun engineer, and grade-A stud. If she has to live in a trailer, his doesnt sound so bad. Rowdy knows the roughnecks running the rigs wont take kindly to a smartass blonde rookie whose last name matches their paychecks. He cant control his attraction to her. And with everyone from the foremen to the stockholders spitting mad at the Calhouns, he expects trouble ahead. But Megan has never been scared in her life. And with Rowdy to help her plot, she has the chance of a lifetime
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