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Loves A Calculated Risk Atlanta Skylines benched goalkeeper Brendan Young would have been happy to ride out the end of his contract after his gambling addiction was splashed all over the news media. Instead, his teammates injuries have unexpectedly put him back in the game. A new face in his weekly Gamblers Anonymous meeting provides another surprise spike-of pure attraction. Why is Erin Bailey, former world champion womens soccer player, at this meeting? And why cant he stop thinking about their red-hot one-night stand? Six months ago, one reckless night in Vegas ended with Erin in Brendans bed. Shes sworn off dating athletes, especially those whose reputations could destroy her new career as the Championship Soccer Leagues Director of Ethics and Advocacy. But the secret they share-and the crazy heat they generate-makes it impossible to keep her distance. Both have choices to make about the future, but no matter how steeply the odds are stacked against them, walking away could be the riskiest move of all . . . This author weaves a charming tale encompassing two fantastic characters, well-written dialogue, and a fast-paced plot that includes finta a bit of sporting action. –, TOP PICK, on Crossing Hearts A well-crafted and very enjoyable sports romance that also delves into a timely subplot of the challenges faced by immigrants to America. . . . Crossing Hearts delivers an exciting and passionate read. – _,
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