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Growing up hadn&rsquo,t been easy for Royal. She lived with a drug-addicted single mother whose way of showing Royal love was only by continuously hurting her. Being from one of the toughest neighborhoods in the Bronx wasn&rsquo,t a choice, it was just something she had to deal with. At times, her ways to survive wasn&rsquo,t always good, however, when you had childhood friends like Teasha and Amir, who always had your back, nothing was too hard.&nbsp,Then one day, Royal thought she had found Mr. Right, the one who would set her free and take her away from the misery. Lines began to get crossed between her and her friends. Royal began to see that everything that glittered wasn&rsquo,t gold. Royal&rsquo,s life sent her on an up-and-down roller coaster of love, then love lost. and maybe murder. Royal began to realize that sometimes you got risk it all to have the life you want.&nbsp,Bonds were broken, trust was lost, and loyalty was the only thing that would fix it all._,
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