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Merry Dawn Venture, two years past &ldquo,the big four-o&rdquo,&nbsp,and still single, realizes her life is &ldquo,as aimless as the random patterns of&nbsp,confetti&rdquo, she always throws into the air on her birthday. On occasion,&nbsp,Merry has dinner-and-drinks with Shellie, Celebridad, and Caprice, her three&nbsp,acquaintances (Merry Dawn Venture does not have close friends). None&nbsp,of them would notice Merry in a crowd, but as clients of the decorator&nbsp,studio Merry manages, they all agree that she is one lonely woman and&nbsp,invite her to join them. On their nights of &ldquo,whine and wine,&rdquo, Merry&nbsp,listens to them bemoan the lack of quality single men while she silently&nbsp,wonders, &ldquo,Will there ever be someone in my life?&rdquo, Merry is successful in her career but sees her work world as the&nbsp,&ldquo,alter ego of her otherwise uneventful existence&rdquo,&mdash,at least until Randy&nbsp,Grant reenters her life. Charming, handsome, sometimes aloof, and often&nbsp,a complete mystery to Merry, is he destined to be just another client&nbsp,(albeit a wealthy one), or could there be something more . . . ? Barbara Shorr&rsquo,s luscious novel, Mansion Dreams, is jam-packed with&nbsp,rich detail and evocative images of Merry&rsquo,s life in a small New England&nbsp,town. Her descriptive narrative of Merry&rsquo,s introduction to the glorious&nbsp,island of Palm Beach, along with genuine and believable characters,&nbsp,will draw you in and hold you until the satisfying and entirely delightful&nbsp,conclusion._,
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