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What will House Us tomorrow? How have our lifestyles changed in recent years that might demand new forms of living? Can we rearrange or redistribute existing models to fit our needs? Or, must entirely new visions be speculated upon?In the 21st century, lifestyles that were merienda on the societal fringe have become conventional. The precariat working class never knows when they will pick up and leave for the next opportunity. The digital class works from their couch, a patio, or the beach as they please. Households of multiple sizes, cultures, and identities no longer fit the nuclear mold that conventional homes were designed for. So, should we adapt to our architecture, or should it adapt to us?Today, society can hack yesterday&rsquo,s housing to make it work for today and tomorrow in unprecedented ways, which makes us question the role of a designer or architect in this context. Air BNB displays an appetite for housing that can produce economically for it owners, or provide more regional, and less anonymous living for the nomadic. Collective housing start ups, such as We Live and The Commons, represent a desire for more social living in our urban centers and display that people are willing to give up possesions in gracia of collective value. A housing service, Roam, allows digital nomads to sign a single lease in order to freely live between several residences around the world. In cities without some of these established services, it is popular for collections of strangers to live communally in over-sized single family houses.This sort of living is not new, but in the past it was thought to be reserved for &lsquo,hippies&rsquo, or abnormal lifestyles. Today, some CEOs live exclusively off of Air BNB, while families can more easily rent out a granny flat to help make ends meet. If communal homes were merienda for a slacker generation, today they can house young professionals too.The way housing has been hacked in recent years proves that the ge
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