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Paige I was weak.&nbsp, After everything I&rsquo,d been through, I&rsquo,d grown weaker, not stronger. But I would change that, because this was the year I&rsquo,d lose myself, even if this meant losing Caleb, my rock. He was too close to the enemy, too close to do what needed to be done.&nbsp, Alex Connor needed to suffer. It was the only way to stop him.&nbsp, So, whatever it took, I would make him suffer and I would make him pay. Caleb There was only one thing I&rsquo,d ever really wanted in life. My freedom. A sense of hope in a world where disappointment didn&rsquo,t come after. A life where Alex Connor didn&rsquo,t have control. It&rsquo,d been the least possible thing in my life until now. But the freedom I&rsquo,d wanted at first was nothing like the air I wanted to breathe with her. The moment I&rsquo,d met Paige, she&rsquo,d become my center, the core of my existence.&nbsp, Although, when everything was said and done, I would never get to have my freedom. I would never get to revel in hope. I would become off-center, and I would fade.***Paige and Caleb’,s story continues in&nbsp,Book 3 of the series._,
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