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Who said mixing work and pleasure was a bad idea? For Kenley Carmichael, getting fired for sleeping with the bosss husband is almost funny-at 28, shes still a virgin. Not that her now ex-boss would believe it-Kenleys got the face and figure to attract plenty of men, even if shes never found the right one. A job at New Haven Custom Boats is a chance to start fresh and learn a whole new skill set. Trouble is, she cant stop wishing her incredibly hot new boss would introduce her to some decidedly un-businesslike pleasure . . . Zane Jackson needs a new assistant, but when his pregnant sister hires her replacement, she chooses a girl who reminds him of the kind who broke his heart in high school. Zane might not be that shy boy anymore, but sweet, sexy Kenley makes him feel every bit as awkward as he did then-and even hungrier to kiss her. Shes the perfect woman for the job-but he wants her to be so much more. Interoffice dating can only lead to trouble-unless it leads to true love . . . _,
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