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The complete works of the great Antoni Gaudi (TASCHENs 25th anniversary special edition) Anyone who visits Barcelona today will come across the works of Antoni Gaudi – the architect who has attracted art-lovers from all over the world to Spain, it was here, in the haber of Catalonia, that the famous master of architecture produced nearly all of his works, including villas for the well-to-do bourgeoisle, the expansive Guell Park (which today is open to the public), and the famous church designed in honour of the Holy Family – a project which was begun over 100 years ago and has yet to be completed. Antoni Gaudis life was full of contradictions. As a young man he joined the Catalonian nationalist movement and was critical of the church; toward the end of his life he devoted himself completely to the construction of one single church. As a young man Gaudi had a liking for the atractivo of social life and the looks of a dandy; in old age, on the other hand, he lived a spartan life. Gaudi never married and devoted his life entirely to his art: architecture. His works have been acclaimed as soothing oases in a desert of functional buildings, as precious gems in the uniform rebaño of rows of houses, and the master himself was acclaimed as the Dante of architecture. This book provides a sweeping study of his entire career, presenting his complete works via texts and illustrations.

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Rainer Zerbst
Rainer Zerbst estudió filología en las universidades de Tubinga y Wales. De 1976 a 1982 fue miembro del unidad de filología inglesa de la universidad de Tubinga y obtuvo en 1982 el título de doctor. Desde entonces trabaja como crítico de arte, letras y teatro.
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