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Yelena Vega may have fame and fortune, but even this&nbsp,international celebrity and heiress to New York&rsquo,s Italian&nbsp,Mafia can&rsquo,t escape the terrifying shadows of her past. After surviving a merciless kidnapping by the Russian Mafia, international&nbsp,superstar and heiress to the Italian Mob, Yelena Vega, is forced to live under scrutinizing&nbsp,surveillance to shelter her from the threat of an unwanted legacy. As she struggles for&nbsp,happiness after the traumatic incidents of her past, Yelena must also endure a violent&nbsp,marriage to her ex-military husband in an attempt to protect her career and family image.&nbsp,Still in love with her former bodyguard, she struggles to keep a secret that only she knows.&nbsp,Daniel&rsquo,s devotion never wavers even at Yelena&rsquo,s insistence that they cannot be together for&nbsp,his safety. As years pass and Yelena&rsquo,s life with Terry turns unbearable, she begins an affair with a man&nbsp,that could prove to be more trouble than even Yelena knows. Grasping for love, she is&nbsp,catapulted into a world of spies, blackmail and deceit in a way that threatens to destroy&nbsp,her very life. Still, Daniel is never far from her mind, and she finds herself again in need&nbsp,of his protection. After a horrific attack on her family involving a member of the Russian&nbsp,Mob, Yelena is merienda more the center target. Will she ever find peace and safety, or will the&nbsp,shadows of her past consume her for good? An expertly crafted blend of romance, suspense and crime, Fortune&rsquo,s Hours is the second&nbsp,book in the riveting Fortune&rsquo,s series by Emily K. Reuter. Introducing a deadly love triangle&nbsp,and realistic telling of the isolating trappings of a celebrity, Fortune&rsquo,s Hours will leave readers&nbsp,drooling from suspense and eager for more._,
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