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Back pain is very hard (often impossible) to diagnose and to specify, hence heavy painkillers are thrown at people. But the only way to beat the pain is to understand it. Based on cutting-edge research into back pain and the psychology of pain itself, David Rogers and Grahame Brown have set up the Functional Restoration Service at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham – the UK’s leading centre for back pain. Here they have developed the pioneering BIOPSYCHOSOCIAL approach: BIO – How your body processes pain; what physical triggers you have and why; where your body holds painPSYCHO – where your pain is coming from; what exactly your pain is; the power of your mind to deal with and stop painSOCIAL – all the environmental factors that will contribute to your back pain, and how, why and when to change themBased on this revolutionary and already hugely successful approach, Back to Life offers a whole new way of dealing with back pain: – Understand the psychology of pain- Debunk the myths- Find the source of your pain- Manage your pain – including all the emotions and anxiety that go with it- Master exercises and stretches- Identify and solve the social factors- Get lasting relief
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