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We are all digital humans now. What does this mean for how we live and how we work? How do digital humans thrive in a connected world?&nbsp,Life and work today is a connected mass of networks, people and technology.&nbsp, This connected world is so complex and fast evolving it can be considered alive.&nbsp,Hierarchies are being undermined. Work is no longer controlled by the bosses. What is the role of the leader? What does it mean for us? When everything is connected, how do organizations make themselves unique? How can they continuously transform and keep up? What does this mean for the future of consulting?&nbsp,This book is about the impact of digital on both us as individuals and when we organise ourselves. Humans have achieved awe-inspiring things by working together. Digital enables us to collaborate and work together like never before in history.&nbsp, It also has radical implications for how we live, organize ourselves and work together.&nbsp, The how is as important as the what.&nbsp, How do you actually get things done instead of just having endless meetings and conversations?&nbsp,&nbsp, In short, how do we make the most of all that digital has to offer and at the same time avoid its pitfalls?&nbsp,In this provocative and insightful book, Paul Ashcroft and Garrick Jones shine a light on how to activate organisations so that they can transform themselves &ndash, and what digital means for the people who work within them._,
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