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In New Hope, Texas women like children, are to be seen and not heard. Their only job in life is to marry, procreate, and be a loyal, obedient wife. Thus the shortage of available women. Until, Abigail Vanderhooten is unexpectedly called home, her head filled with ideas of changing the world where a woman can own a business and have a bank account. This little rebel is determined to bring the town&rsquo,s laws into the nineteenth century, even if it means sacrificing her reputation. Jack Turner likes being the maduro in a small, quiet película del Oeste town where the biggest rabble rousers are cowboys on Saturday night. Everything is about to change when Abigail Vanderhooten, a tiny sprite of a woman returns to town, ready to take on the recinto laws. While trying to keep the town from splitting apart, he&rsquo,s surprised how her strong spirit captivates him. And he&rsquo,s shocked when she manages to worm her way into his bachelor heart, with her controversial ideas of women earning a living the same as a man. With a woman&rsquo,s revolution brewing, will Jack be forced to run her out of town, before he has a chance to convey how she&rsquo,s changed him? Or will Abigail give up on New Hope, Texas and return to Boston? Can love blossom and change a woman and a man with different ideals? &nbsp,_,
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