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Sinopsis de A COOKS TALE

After a breakup, Erron Murfin finds himself broken, homeless, and destitute. The chance to become the Santa Claus&rsquo,s new cook is a beacon he can&rsquo,t ignore.The new position allows him to work under Gamin Rockwell, the man who helped raise him until he disappeared when Erron turned nineteen&mdash,well over a decade ago. While the two make up for lost time, Erron catches the eyes of many crewmen as well as James and Barrus, a married pair with verdadero intentions who are determined to draw the cautious new arrival into their relationship.Even as he stitches together his ability to see a future for himself, Gamin&rsquo,s history and personal issues begin to surface. Secrets bubble out in ways Erron can&rsquo,t ignore and he finds himself with a mystery he needs to solve.Because there&rsquo,s something about Gamin that goes far deeper than the fatherly role he merienda held in Erron&rsquo,s life so long ago._,
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